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Landmark 81 Skyview Review: Is it worth?

Landmark 81 Skyview is also a new symbol of Ho Chi Minh City that broke previous height records, (higher than Twin Tower in Malaysia with a height of 452m), becoming the “new roof” of Southeast Asia. The building consists of 81 floors and 3 basements, located right on the banks of the Saigon River.

Address: Landmark 81. Số 720A Điện Biên Phủ, Bình Thạnh District, TP. Ho Chi Minh

Operating time: 08:30 – 22:00

There are 2 ways to buy tickets: 

Option 1 – Buy tickets directly at B1 floor of Vincom Center Landmark 81.

 Option 2 – Buy tickets online and enjoy the discount up to 20%

Coming to Landmark 81, not only to admire the tallest building in Vietnam. You can also shop, eat, drink, entertain, visit the park, visit the highest Skydeck observatory in Vietnam. 

To reach the Observatory, visitors will be able to take a private elevator with the maximum speed, in less than a minute, visitors are at the top of the building. Specifically, the elevator can accommodate 15 people at the speed of 8m / sec, takes a total of 38 seconds to move from B1 to 79 floors. 

Ticket price of Landmark 81 Skyview Observatory

The official price for a ticket to Landmark 81 Skyview Observatory 2020 as below: 

Off-peak hours (Monday – Friday and before 15:30)

  • Skyview Observatory: 500,000 VND
  • Virtual reality VR game: VND 200,000
  • Photos: VND 120,000

Peak hour (From Monday – Friday and after 15:30, Saturday – Sunday)

  • Skyview Observatory: VND 810,000 
  • Virtual reality VR game: VND 200,000 
  • Photos: VND 120,000 

You can buy tickets online here and enjoy the discount up to 20%

Landmark 81 Skyview Observatory Deck Ticket

What to expect when visiting Landmark 81 Skyview

Landmark 81 Skyview is the Observatory area at the luxurious Landmark 81 building located in Vinhome Central Park. The observatory consists of the highest 3 floors of the building 460m high (if counting the antenna tower is 470m). This area is from the 79th floor to the 81st floor.

From the height of 383m and surrounded by glass layer, you can easily observe many famous landmarks in Saigon such as: Saigon river, Nha Rong wharf, Thanh Da peninsula, etc

Landmark 81 Skyview

 Take in the stunning views of Saigon from the Skyview Observation Deck in Landmark 81

On the 81st floor, there will be an outside area for adventure seekers. You will be walking on the transparent SkyTouch glass bridge. Guests will wear protective clothing, with a strap attached to the bridge so it is very safe.


Landmark 81 Skyview

Thrilling parachuting from a height of 461m with VR game – Top of Vietnam

Virtual reality game Top of Vietnam – skydiving challenge from a height of 461m from the top of Landmark 81 tower is a very good experience that visitors should try if you are not afraid of heights and want to challenge your own courage yourself.

The VR Game is designed by Vietnamese people, imitating the exact scenery of Landmark 81.

Virtual reality game feels very real, sees the outdoor scene and hears the wind blowing through, making you feel like you are climbing the real outside tower. Do not worry too much because there are instructors to help you out every stage. 

If you want to have “luxury” perfects photoshoots, then Landmark 81 Observatory is perfect place to be. There are quite a lot of nice conners such as  “floating clouds” lounge, angel wings, “floating clouds” chairs, etc. 

Landmark 81 Skyview Check in

The 79th floor is the Miwaku lounge coffee area with 2 transparent glass sides so you can observe the outside scenery while sipping a cool coffee or cooktail.

The 80th floor is the Miwaku Premium area – where you can enjoy the rich cuisine with windy outer space, beautifully decorated and exquisite.

Another note is that if you want to go to the 79th or 80th floor to eat, you must buy an observatory ticket.

Other things 

Landmark 81 focuses on nearly 30 food restaurants from around the world. Specifically:

From the outside, before entering Vincom, you will encounter Starbuck or the stylish coffee shop Ru Nam Boutique … Down the B1 floor there will be a series of restaurants located: Khao Lao Restaurant, Foodcourt Singapore Food Hall, furniture Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert, Thai MK hotpot, Vietnamese Hue cuisine Delights. 

The second floor has Di Mai restaurant, the third floor has Phuc Long coffee – you should try the best tea shop in Vietnam, Ganh shop specializes in Vietnamese cuisine. The fifth floor has Bornga (traditional Korean cuisine).

In addition, you can also enjoy high-class Chinese dishes at Peach Garden, Japanese cuisine at Dozo Sushi, Italian cuisine at Capricciosa, traditional Japanese noodles Marukame, drinking coffee at Highland Coffee. 

Tips before you go to Landmark 81 Skyview 

  • Visitors to Landmark 81 Skyview Observatory should go on weekdays, not weekends because it will be very crowded.
  • Should start on the 79th floor
  • Another experience when visiting Landmark 81 observatory is that you should go to the 79th floor to walk to visit each of the 79th, 80th and 81st floors respectively. And when down, the lift path is on the highest 81st floor.
  • Should go at night or sunset time to see the beautiful sparkling Saigon view from above
  • If you go by day, you can combine to visit the park of Landmark Central Park is also very interesting.
  • It is possible to combine fun, experience the Observatory and shop on the lower floors: the B1,1,2,3 floor is the commercial center area and many international cuisine restaurants from Thailand and China. Korea, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the West … especially on the B1 floor, there are skating areas and CGV cinemas. Particularly in the hall of Landmark 81 is the showroom (showroom) of the car with the latest supercar models which is also worth a visit.
  • If you have health problems, heart disease, you should not try to play the virtual reality game Top of Vietnam

How to get to the Landmark 81 building

Landmark 81 Skyview is located in Landmark 81, if you want to go to the Observatory, you need to take a private elevator right from the B1 floor. Here visitors will use tickets/codes to redeem and check-in via the scan port (as at the Metro Station of other countries), then through the security checkpoint and go to the elevator.


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