• Hoang Lien Station - Sunworld Fansipan Cable Car
    Sapa,  Vietnam

    Ultimate Travel Guide to Sunworld Fansipan Legend from A-Z 2019

    When it comes to Sapa, there is a huge miss to not visit Fansipan – the highest mountain in Indochina – with the nick name “ Roof of Indochina”. Thanks to the Sunworld Fansipan Legend cable car system, it only takes 20-30 minutes to get the the roof of Indochina instead of trekking from 2-3 days like before, making Fansipan reachable by everyone yet saving time to explore interesting things around. Follow us to check out everything you need before visiting Sun World Fansipan Legend in the easiest and convenient way. Somethings special about Sun World Fansipan Legend Sun World Fansipan Legend is located in the southwest of Sa Pa,…