Vietnam Human Hair Extension for Wholesales – Best price

We are leading wholesales of 100% human hair in Vietnam with a superior monthly capacity of over 10 tons of hair. Our factory filled with dozens of highly skillful craftsmen aims to produce beautiful Vietnamese virgin woman hair with most care. Our hair products (double dawn bulk hair, machine weft hair, hair wigs…) are favored by customers for the superb quality and best price. We assure your satisfaction and qualify all expectations of original women hair (unprocessed & natural hair), 100% yaki hair (no treatment, no chemical, no dyed, no bleached), 100% remy hair (no tangled hair, all hairs are same direction from root to tip). Contact us for best wholesale price :wa/me

Price list for Straight Back Bulk Hair

100% Human Hair from Vietnam
Lenghth (Inch) Length
Single Drawn Hair Double Drawn Hair Super Double Drawn Hair
10” 25 $147 $217 $186
12” 30 $172 $250 $225
14” 35 $197 $275 $268
16” 40 $229 $325 $340
18” 45 $256 $352 $416
20” 50 $280 $379 $488
22′ 55 $310 $419 $540
24” 60 $332 $449 $578
26” 65 $362 $459 $631
28” 70 $390 $499 $674
30” 75 $413 $515
32′ 80 $436 $540

What is different between Single drawn hair and Double Drawn hair – Price

Comparison Single drawn hair extensions Double drawn hair extensions
Length Hair in each strand barely has the same lengthA standard bundle of single drawn hair will contain around 50% full length hairs, and 50% different combination of lengths.  This means that the hair becomes thinner when getting close to the ends, while it is thicker at the tip of the bundle Hair in each strand has the same lengthThis means that the hair will be thick from root to tip (contains 70-80% full length hairs)
Cost Low cost, cheaper than double drawn hair extensionsBecause less work involved in processing


More expensive but more qualifiedBecause workers have to remove shorter hair and cut the hair ends by hands. Then the hair will be sewn in a weft.
Origin Single drawn hair is cut from the ponytail of one donor onlyTherefore, the hair length is uneven While Single Drawn hair is uneven, Double Drawn Hair is even from either side.
Who suitable for Single drawn hair can give you natural locks.Because if hair naturally grows from our scalp, each strand of our hairs often have a different length. And this is apparently one feature of single drawn hair Double drawn hair can give you voluminous locks. Because the hair extensions are very thick right to the tip, a full bodied look will be achieved with ease.

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