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Ba Na Hills Cable Car (Price, Timetable, Maps &Tips) (Update 2023)

Ba Na Hills is a destination not to be missed when traveling to Da Nang, located at an altitude of 1489 meters in Ba Na Nui Chua tourist area, divided into two areas of Debay and the French Village with many special attractions such as flower gardens,  temples, fantasy amusement parks, and golden bridges. In order to get to Ba Na Hills, you need to get by Bana Hills Cable Car.

Note down some important things before you go to Bana Hills Cable Car including tickets, timetable, itinerary/map and tours.

Ba Na Hills Cable Car

Ba Na hills cable car system is built according to Austrian technology, ensuring the standards of the European Cable Car Association. The entire cable car route has 22 pillars with 94 cabins, able to deliver 1,500 passengers/hour. Travel time from the station to the destination (or vice versa) is 15.05 minutes at a speed of 6m/sec. Ba Na Hills cable car is not only for transporting passengers up and down Bana Hills but also a very attractive tourist product.

It is extremely amazing looking down from Ba Na hills cable Car and getting whisked up into the clouds before spotting the French village atop the mountain is quite a strange experience. You’ll also spot natural attractions such as waterfalls and mountain range throughout the ride. The cable car ride is totally worth the price alone.

How long is Ba Na Hills cable car?

Bana Hills Cable Car is the longest cable car in the world with a total length of 504262 m.
The cable line has the largest difference between the upper and lower stations in the world, with a distance of 1,291.81m.

So far, Ba Na Hills cable car in Da Nang has set many records:
– The world’s longest single-cable cable car system with a length of 5,771.61 m.
– The cable car route has the highest difference between the departure and the highest arrival stations in the world with a distance of 1,368.93 m.
– The cable car route has the longest length of an unconnected cable in the world with a length of 11,587 m.
– The cable car has the heaviest cable reel in the world with 141.24 tons.

How long does it take to go on Bana Hills Cable Car?

It will take you about 15-20 minutes to travel from the foot of the mountain to the top of Ba Na by modern cable car system

How to book Bana Hills Cable Car?

Bana Hills Cable Car Entrance Fees & Tickets 2020 as below:

+ Adult : 700,000 VND

+ Children (1m – 1.3m): 600,000 VND


  • Ticket price includes free of charge for most games in Fantasy Park: 105 games and free games Legendary Knights (Slide)
  • The price includes the service of climbing train tour – visiting 9 flower gardens – Visiting Debay Wine Cellar
  • The above prices do not include the fees to visit the Wax Museum, the game of picking up dolls and carnival skills at Fantasy Park

You can book the Bana Hills Cable Car on spot or book online here. In my recommendation, you should book it online since it is cheaper than the official price and you don’t have to queue in a long line at the counter. You can book it here to enjoy up to 15% off the official price. 

Ba Na Hills Cable Car Timetable/Schedule

The cable car network of SunWorld Ba Na hills was ranked by CNN as one of the 10 most impressive cable car infrastructure systems worldwide, comprising 5 routes: Suoi Mo – Ba Na, Debay – Morin, Toc Tien Waterfall – L’Indochine, Hoi An – Marseille and Bordeaux – Louvre. Capacity may hit 6,500 passengers/hour and the manufacturer was Doppermayer.

Below is Bana Hill Cable Car Timetable for each station:


Ride 1       7h30 – 7h45
Ride 2       8h30 – 8h45
Ride 3       9h30 – 9h45
Ride 4       10h30 – 10h45
Ride 5       11h30 – 11h45

Ride 1       7h30 – 7h45
Ride 2       8h30 – 8h45
Ride 3       9h30 – 9h45
Ride 4       10h30 – 10h45
Ride 5       11h30 – 11h45

Ride 1       7h30 – 9h30
Ride 2       10h00 – 12h30
Ride 3       13h00 – 14h00
Ride 4       16h00 – 17h30
Ride 5       18h45 – 19h30
Ride  6    20h45 – 21h30

Round 1    12h30 – 12h45
Round 2       14h00 – 14h45
Round 3       15h00 – 15h15
Round 4       16h00 – 16h15
Round 5       17h00 – 17h30
Round 6       19h00 – 19h15
Round 7       20h00 – 20h15
Round 8       21h00 – 21h15

* Operation schedule may vary due to weather conditions

Which station you should board to get to Golden Bridge – Bana Hills?

There are several cable car stations that service the enormous area of the Ba Na Hills; the one you need to aim for is the Hoi An Station, which takes you directly to the Golden Bridge.

>> How to get to Golden Hands Bridge?

Bana Hills Maps 2020

Our suggested itinerary for Bana Hills :

  • Hoi An Station -> Golden Bridge + Love Garden + Wine Cellar, Linh Ung Pagoda –> Bordeaux Station –> Louver Station –> French Village+ Amusement Park, Spiritual Zone –> L’indochine Station –> Danang

Entering the resort from Hoi An Station (05). Get to the lower level first, and walk on the Golden Bridge (20) before the crowds hit!  Once you are finished at the Golden Bridge, you can also visit Love Garden and Wine Cellar or ride the Funicular from Le Jadin Station (13) to D’amour Station (12). Finally, take the short cable car route from Debay Station (11) to Morin Station (29) and the French Village.

On your way out, don’t go through the lower level again. Instead, head to L’indochine Station (30) taking the long cable car straight to the ground floor. This way, you have the chance to ride the longest cable in the world on your way down (5.801m). But also, if it’s still daylight, enjoy the stunning waterfall that can be seen from this route.

Best time to visit Bana Hills

With an altitude of 1487 to the sea level, Bana Hills weather is cool all year round with the average temperature of 17 to 20oC

One of the most interesting things at Bana Hills is that you can experience 4 seasons in a day as the weather can vary from morning to evening: spring in the morning, summer at noon, fall in the afternoon and winter in the evening. Most of the visitors often spend at least 1 day in Bana Hills. Some choose 2 days option.

The best time to visit Bana Hills to avoid the crowd is in the early morning, around 7:30 ( same as their opening time).

From April to September is the domestic travel season, so if you want to meet and interact with local people, you should come to bana Hills at this time.

Or if you want to find a quiet space, you can visit to Bana Hills in the mid-week or winter period from October to March.

Some notes when Ba Na hills cable car

  • Cable car operation time operates continuously from 7:30 to 21:30 every day.
  • You will definitely have to queue for a long time if you do not book in advance. So enjoy booking online here with up to 20% discount
  • For Da Nang people you need to bring ID card or household registration book, birth certificate with children to enjoy preferential policies.
  • Ba Na road is intersected with highways and crowded traffic, so motorbike drivers need to pay attention when traveling to ensure safety.
    For Grab customers, you should book through the app instead of directly with the driver, otherwise, you will not be insured when something goes wrong.
  • Visitors using a stroller/wheelchair can carry to Bana Hills Cable car, but the vehicle must be folded to easily move on the cable car.
  • For families with young children, the advice for you is to take the tour so you can have fun without spending a lot of time buying tickets at Ba Na.
  • Bana Hills is very cool and windy at the peak, so bring you a light coat or jacket.

Recommend Bana Hills Tours with Cable Car included

1- Bana Hill Day trip from Danang

With this trip, you will experience one day in Bana Hills with the longest and highest cable car ride, immerse in protected natural reserver area with variety of floral and fauna, bird and animal, have fun with many exciting games at Fantasy Park Amusement Park. On each tour stop, an english speaking guide will give you interesting information.

The tour includes Transportation from Danang Center to Bana Hills + Bana Hill Cable Car ticket + Lunch buffet. You can book it here and enjoy discount up to 20%

ba na hills french village

2 – 2D1N Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge Private Tour from Da Nang

Spending 1 day in Bana Hills isn’t enough, so why note treat you and your family with 2D1N at Bana Hills to immerse in such a wonderful land and spend a cozy night at Mercure Danang French Villages – one of the highlights on Bana Hills. Mercure Danang Bana Hills is meticulously designed in a gothic style, taking inspiration from France’s classic architectural traditions, which was common in the 19th century.

Book to enjoy 2D1N Bana Hills Cable Car + Golden Bridge + Mercure Danang Overight at US$ 105.55 118.45 here

mercure Hotel Bana Hills Cable car
Mercure Hotel at Bana Hills

3 – Ba Na Hills Golf Club Experience in Da Nang

  • Experience Ba Na Hills Golf Club’s world-class facilities and services such as the modern clubhouse and more!
  • Enjoy golfing anytime as this facility boasts a floodlit golf course for those who want to play at night
  • Take your loved ones on this fun-filled experience where they can appreciate a new sport
  • Have a hassle-free pick up and drop off services between your hotel in Da Nang City and Ba Na Hills Golf Club

Golf in Ba na Hills Cable Car


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