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Nha Trang,  Vietnam

Hot Spring & Mud Bath Nha Trang: Price & Tips before you go

If all you’ve heard of Nha Trang is the beauty of long white sandy beaches, there’s still one more thing you should know before traveling to this city. It’s been also famous for a mud bath. It sounds a little weird but it’s really good for health and has increasingly attracted millions of tourists.

What is a mud bath?

mud bath Nha Trang

Sitting in a tub of mud feels as odd as it sounds, but it has become a quintessential Nha Trang experience. Mud bath is soaking in a bath containing mineral mud which is a natural mud formed from the change of geology. Mineral mud derived from plants such as trees, flowers, grass buried or from land and includes the ingredients that are organic, inorganic, carbon-containing substances and easy to absorb water.

Many tourists from either other places of Vietnam or other countries in the world have reviewed Nha Trang as the best place to take a mud bath. They’ve tried mud bath elsewhere just to found out the technique is learned from the mud bath in Nha Trang.

Advantages of Mud bath Nha Trang

If you are still hesitating, these are the reasons why mud bath is worth trying:

1. Relieves muscle and joint aches and pains

The deep heat from the mud & geothermal waters have incredible anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Relaxation like you have never felt

The warm, soft mixture of the mud  “feels awesome” and allows your body to let go. It takes the stress off your body. If you are completely suspended, no pressure on your body while floating in the mud bath.

3. Detoxifies your body.

The earth heals you in these treatments by drawing out the toxins and impurities from your body.

4. Softens Skin

The volcanic ash exfoliates your skin.

5. Improves Circulation

The heat from the geothermal water and the Jacuzzi jets invigorate your circulation.

6. Balances pH Levels

Complex minerals from Calistoga’s historic geothermal waters are infused into your body, helping to balance out your body’s natural pH

7. Go deeper into your massage

The mud and mineral baths will prepare your muscles to let go so your massage therapist can go deeper, releasing even more tensions and stresses, allowing you to leave the spa with a totally rejuvenated mind and body! That’s why nowadays, mud bath and spa are always seen together.

Besides, having a try on mud bath also means setting a small adventure of your life, especially for the first-time experience. The total tranquil and quiet moment in the mud bath will absolutely a great time to relax too.

Steps to take Mud bath Nha Trang

It can be said that the process of mud bath is quite complicated. But here’re four main steps to be noticed:

1. Step 1: Take a hot shower to clean your body

After changing clothes, tourists are instructed to clean their bodies with hot mineral water in a yard with plenty of faucets sprayed from the ground.

2. Step 2: Mud bath

Then come the main stages: mud bath, mud on the face, on the hair and the whole body.

best mud bath Nha Trang

3. Step 3: Sun drying

After 15 minutes immersing in the mud, the third step is sun exposure. This step is important as the skin can have time to absorb all the minerals in the mud.

4. Step 4: Clean the mud

The last step is to clean the mud, then soak in hot mineral water reservoir (swimming pool or waterfall). And finally comes the “hydrotherapy”. The special final stage includes a cold water phase alternates with a hot water one and repeats four times till the end of the mud bath.

Incredible Vietnamese Mud Bath

This mud bath experience in Vietnam looks incredible! ?Deathbyvlog

Người đăng: UNILAD Adventure vào Thứ Năm, 21 tháng 11, 2019

Things to notice when taking a mud bath in Nha Trang

1. A little attention to visitors when they come to the mud bath to treat the disease or just to relax after hard working days, mud bath would be more effective if you don’t bathe again with cold water and especially with soap (including high or low soap cleansers). Because when bathing with soap you will drift the mineral layer of mud left on the skin as well as reduce the efficiency of the mud.

2. Caution when taking a hot mud bath in acute heart failure: when mud bathing, the body can cause reactions such as fatigue, stress, insomnia, dizziness. Pay attention to the temperature and bath time as they vary depend on each person. After each time bathing, the body should be dry and rest for 10-20 minutes.

3. After bathing with hot mineral water, you should wear a towel if you have to go out in the sun.

4. The mud bath tips will help you experience the mud bath service more efficiently and comfortably, especially for women.

  • Costume: Wear bikini so that the mud is mostly exposed to the skin. Avoid wearing thick clothes, or absorbent fabrics.
  •  Before mud bathing, make sure your hair neatly tucked away so that it does not scald your hair.
  •  Put all valuable things in the locker.
  •  Do not carry a mobile or handheld device to avoid dropping or sticking to the mud.
  •  Do not over-eat or exercise.
  •  Do not take a mud bath with deep clefts.

The Best Mud Baths in Nha Trang

Nha Trang has offered tourists with many destinations of mud therapy. These are the most qualified mud bath rated by local people and tourists:

1. Thap Ba Hot Spring

Located on the outskirt of Nha Trang, this is the very first place having mud bath service. For the tourists who want to visit the beautiful Thap Ba Ponagar and enjoy mud bath on the same day, this is the most suitable choice for your itinerary. Book Thap Ba Hot Spring Spa Experience here

Mud Bath Nha Trang price
Prices of mud bath in Thap Ba

2. 100 Eggs Mud Bath (Tram Trung)

00-Egg-mud-bath-Nha Trang

Located 8km from the city center, Tram Trung resort will definitely give tourists a unique experience when taking a mud bath here. You can find loads of eggs laying from the foot to the top of the hill and these huge eggs are where you can enjoy the relaxing mud bath in a private but nature-friendly and also special environment.

Open daily: 08: 00-18: 00

Average price from 150,000 VND per adult. Book 100 Eggs Mud Bath Nha Trang experience here and enjoy 10% off 

mud egg - Mud bath in Nha Trang

3. I-Resort

Coming to Vinh Ngoc commune which is located only 5km from the city center, you can have a chance to enjoy I-Resort’s world of mud bath and relaxation. With 40 private pools, a hot mineral pool, a swimming pool and 4 hot springs, I-Resort will definitely release the stress within your body to bring you the most relaxed spirit at the end of this holiday. The price is 300 000VND/pax for a group of 1-3, 250 000VND/pax for a group of 4 or 5 persons and 230 000VND/pax for a group of 6 persons or more. Children can come as well with the price of only 150 000VND/pax. Book I-resort Mudbath Nha Trang experience here and enjoy 20% discount

Open daily from 07:00 to 20:00

Mud Bath Nha Trang-i resort

4. Galina Hotel and Spa

Galina Hotel and Spa is the largest beauty center in Nha Trang. 

This hotel certainly offers much more than just a luxurious staycation. Other than an amazing mud bath, Galina Hotel’s spa also has an assortment of relaxing and therapeutic services available like saunas, hydrotherapy, jacuzzis, and more. Cool off afterward with a dip in their pool. Even though this is a spa within the city, you’ll immediately forget all about that as the decor is designed to make you feel like you’re deep in a serene forest, with only the beauty of nature surrounding you. It’s very accessible too (just a 5 minute walk away from the beach) so it certainly won’t take much effort to arrive at this oasis. Book now to get pampered at Galina Hotel and Spa!

Open daily from 08:00 to 21:00

Price from 250,000 VND per adult.

Galina Mud Bath in Nha Trang


For even more interesting experience, try Hot spring and Mud Spa Half Day tour for Nha Trang Mud Bath experience and learn  more about Vietnam’s history as your tour takes you to the ancient Cham Ponagar Temple

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