Safari World Bangkok 2020

Safari World Bangkok Review’20: Is it worth visiting?

A short 40kms outside of Bangkok’s city limits lies Thailand’s biggest zoo – Safari World Bangkok. Comprising of 2 themes – Safari Park and Marine Park, this park is undoubtedly Thailand’s most popular animal and leisure park promising a great deal of entertainment and recreation. With a fair share of exciting things for both adults and kids, Safari World Bangkok is a staple on all family vacations. Before heading out for a day out with animals and thrilling rides, here’s all you need to know about Safari World Bangkok.

Safari World Bangkok Ticket Price 2020:

The official price for Safari World Bangkok Ticket is

Price on spot Price only
 Single Day Pass + Lunch Buffet 1800 baht 585.000 696.000
Single Day Pass without Lunch Buffet 1400 baht 555.000 441.000
– Safari Park Entry 1000 baht () 380.000 331.000
 – Marine Park Entry 1200 baht () 450.000 403.000

However, you can buy the ticket online here and enjoy a discount up to 15%

Safari World Bangkok Thailand ticket price

Why Safari World Bangkok?

  • Explore the thrilling Bangkok wildlife with a trip to the amazing Safari World and enjoy a couple of hours with exotic animals like ostriches, lions, giraffes and many more.
  • Safari World is divided into two distinct sections, the Safari Park and the Marine Park. At Safari Park, you’ll get to meet more than 100 different animals from across the globe while the Marine Park is home to animals from sea, land and air.
  • At Safari World Bangkok, you’ll get to enjoy 8 thrillingly unique shows including the exciting Orangutan boxing show, the sea lion show, the dolphin show, and the fabulous Hollywood Cowboy stunt show.
  • Apart from live shows, Safari World also houses exciting attractions featuring white tigers, tropical rainforest aviary, fancy carp garden. There’s also a breathtaking tiger & lion feeding show you can enjoy.
  • Get the authentic jungle safari experience with an 8 km drive which lasts for 45 minutes. During your safari, you’ll drive past the scenic environment of Safari World and get up close and personal with some rare and endangered species.
  • The perfect destination to spend a day of fun and excitement with your family, Safari World Thailand offers countless opportunities to discover the beauty of nature and wildlife, while having loads of fun!

How much time needed for safari world Bangkok

It takes about 6 hours to see the main shows & safari park in total. Lets say from 10 AM to 4:00 PM. 2. From safari world, it will take about 1 hour to reach Sukhumvit, Bangkok

General information of Safari World Bangkok
Location: Khlong Sam Wa, Bangkok, Thailand
Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00
Local ticket price: 1,400 / marine + safari package ticket
Estimated visit time: 6 – 8 hours

Guide to make the most out of your time in Safari World Thailand

Zoo open Safari Park

The main entrance of Safari is the huge park area and open zoo. Home to hundreds of animals from around the world in their natural environment (with over 75 species of mammals, 300 species of birds from Africa and Asia, and endemic animals all over the world) world). Here you can watch or participate in feeding activity, which usually takes place around 10am, so you should choose to visit Safari Park first.

Because Safari Park is very large, you will need to hire a bus service (30 baht per person) with a park guide to visit. You can order this service at the information desk (right next to the ticketing area)

It takes about 45 minutes (maybe a little faster or slower) so we recommend going in the morning to be cool, sunny, easy to take photos and convenient to watch some afternoon shows. The small part is about 9:30 – 10:00, there is also a show of feeding tigers. If you hurry, you can watch this screen.

Marine Park

Marine Park is a particular area suitable for young children, including diverse entertainment shows, zoos spanning the Jungle Walk area with a variety of animals with diverse habitats. The park has 7 daily entertainment shows, most of which take place in the afternoon, so it will be very convenient if you choose to visit Marine Park in the afternoon to be able to enjoy as many shows as possible.

Dolphin Show – 13:45 Every day

Next destination is the dolphin show, Safari World’s second best-performing show. You should go here early (about 13:45 is the show starts) to find yourself a nice seat. The dolphin show is also quite magnificent with extremely intelligent actors from the ocean. You will see them dance, spin in the air, jump around and … splashing water everywhere. Whether it’s a couple, family, or alone, this show is definitely worth watching.

Similar to Ourang Utan, you will also be “touched” and photographed with dolphins after the show. Provided that you are patient enough to wait for your turn and spend around 400-500 baht to take pictures (almost equal to that fare 😐). We recommend that you only take photos of the show.

Safari World Bangkok 2020

Spy war: 14:30 every day

This is a unique performance and the best performing show in Safari World Bangkok. Do not be surprised if you are late and have all seats (because everyone is rushing here). Yoy should come here at least 15 minutes before the show.

Designed just like a Hollywood spy movie, you are spoiled for action. From canoe racing, shooting, explosions and heart-pounding screens. Along with that sound, light and true taste, ensuring better than 4-5D film.

The most important thing when coming here is to choose your seat carefully, carefully look at the instructions to see if the location can be wet or not. In our opinion, the top 6 are the easiest to get wet (if you do not have a change of clothes or do not want to wet your phone, you should avoid the first few rows). In addition, heat and explosions are also a consideration, especially when traveling with young children.

Bird show: 10:20 – 15:30 

The last show of the day at Safari was Bird show. As the stage of the park’s most colorful representatives, you can watch parrots (just like in Rio) show off their biking and acting. Or dances of splendid peacocks. We strongly encourage you to watch this show if you are traveling with children, but if you are traveling with a group of adults, a few minutes of watching it is worth it.

Lunch Buffet at Safari World Bangkok

You have two options when buying Safari World Bangkok tickets. One is the ticket with lunch buffet always with an international menu; two is to take care of lunch. However, you should remember that water and food cannot be brought into the Safari park, but the food in this park area is quite expensive. You should prepare some baht for reasonable spending. In some restaurants, there is a buffet serving from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The buffet restaurant is located in Marine World. To go to the restaurant you can look on the map and follow the signs and remember to take the number of tables to sit. Note that the time should come here because Safari World Bangkok is very crowded but the restaurant to stop serving at 2 pm. The quality of food is not the best, so you should not expect too much.


How to get to Safari World Bangkok

Safari World is located quite far from the center of Bangkok (40 km), is not close to the subway or sky train, getting to the park may be confusing for those who are not familiar with the road. The solution is that you can choose tours to Bangkok Safari with shuttle always, so you will be picked up from your hotel. The price of this tour when buying on the spot is about 2200 baht, equivalent to 56$. One small tip is that you buy it here with only $36.


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