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Sun world Halong Park : Price, Things to do, Maps [Travel Guide 2020]

Located in the center of Halong City, Sun World Halong Complex is a new attraction in Halong since 2017. It is considered as the leading entertainment hub of northern Vietnam with a world-class gaming system and an abundance of recreational activities for all ages. Follow our article to find out the best things to do in Sun world Halong as well as travel tips to get the best of your experience.

Sun world Halong - Map

Must – do in Sunworld Halong Park

1. Sunworld Halong – Queen Cable Car

One of the must-try things to do in Sunworld Halong is taking a cable car to admire the panorama of breathtaking Halong Bay from above. Whether it is day or night, the feeling of flying in the bay and passing through the wonders is extremely impressive.

Sun world Halong - Queen Cable car

2. Mystic Mountain

Stepping out of the world’s largest cable car cabin, you get lost in the enchanting freshness of the Mystic Mountain. The sun wheel is like a shimmering giant wheel that shines when night comes. The Japanese garden is green with unique bonsai, clear lake, swimming koi fish. 

Sun world Halong - Zen Garden

Meanwhile, the Mystic Mountain is inspired by Japanese architecture and includes various areas including Sun Wheel, Game World, Kidoland children’s play area, and Japanese Garden. All the games in this area are gentle and suitable for all ages.

Winding along the terrain of Ba Đèo Mountain, the ‘Samurai slip’ is a challenge not to be missed on the ‘Mysterious Hill’. The journey will take you flying at a height of 55m with three speeds.

Sun world Halong 2


3. Dragon Park

Dragon Park boasts a prominent them park with more than 20 extreme games namely Dragon’s Run, Rhino Sling, and Monster Spin. Some intense games have height restrictions to limit kids. The most adventurous game Phi Long or “ Speedy Dragon”  with the longest roller coaster in the Asia and the maximum speed of 105km/h.

Sun world Halong - Dragon Park

Sun world Halong - Dragon Park 2

Or “crazy rhino” Rhino Sling put players spinning on the huge horns and then fall free at speeds up to 65km/h

For children, there are a lot of vivid games such as Tea Cups, Tour De Paris, and Circus Train. Additionally, family games include Mine Train Coaster, Umbrellas, and Wild Boast.

4. Typhoon Water Park

If you haven’t really played Dragon Park, then go to the nearby Typhoon Water Park. There are 12 unique amazing fun underwater games that will help you bounce up and down, and burn off your energy.

Try the feeling of “free fall” from a height of more than 20m on the roller coaster super-speed, toss yourself 360 degrees in the game “Tropical Storm”

Sun world Halong - Typhoon Water Park

Or test your own limit with a gian 45 degree tilt hopper ‘Tornadoes, or experience the journey “Riding dragons over the waterfall” conquer the ocean 

Sun world Halong Things to do

Or prepare to be spun around in the giant tubes of the ‘Tropical Storm’, swirling you around in a vortex of speed, and exploding with awesome bubbles.

Sun world Halong Things to do

Sun world Halong Things to do

Tips before you go to Sunworld Halong 

1. Sunworld Halong Complex Price/ Tickets

Sun World Halong Bay Park is divided into 3 separate areas Queen Cable Car & Mysterious Hill, Dragon Park, and Typhoon Water Park (also known as Ocean Park Halong Bay or Halong Water Park) Each area has different entrances; 

Adult tickets are 350.000VND, children tickets (children under 1.3m) are 250.000VND for each area. 

Buying a combo saves more. With 500.000VND for adults and 400.000 for kids, you can choose 2 out of 3 areas above. 

At a very good price of 750.000VND for adults and 550.000 for children, you have full access to Queen Cable Car & Mystic Mountain, Dragon Park and Typhoon Park.

In the peak season or on holidays, the tickets to Sun world Halong Complex (including Dragon Park and Typhoon Park) are surcharged 50,000VND. All parks are free for children below 1m. Fame Hall is excluded from ticket price to Queen Cable Car & Mystic Mountain. 

To watch and take pictures with wax statues of your idols, you have to pay 100,000 VND for adults and 50,000 VND for children from 1m to 1.3m.

2. Best time to go to Sunworld Halong Complex

Sun World Halong Park is best to visit from March to September as you can experience all the games without much effects of the weather

2. How to get to Sunworld Halong Complex

you can get off at Fish Pond, Bai Chay Crossing or Halong, then take a taxi or bus (03 Hon Gai – Hoanh Bo Line) to go to the park gate. Sun World is about 3-4km away.

Or you can book at the luxury car as Phuc Xuyen, Ha Vi, Anh Huy, Green Ha Long with 200.000 VND. This car will take you directly to Sun World Park.

If you go to this are after your overnight cruise Halong Bay. You can take the taxi – From Hong Gai or from Tuan Chau.



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