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10 Amazing Fun Cooking Classes in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnamese food is awesome, why not have fun with an authentic cooking class and bring the secret of Vietnamese cuisine back home with some recipes?

Following is top 5 amazing cooking classes in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Check it out!

M.O.M Cooking Class in Ho Chi Minh City

Rate: 4.9/5

Mom cooking class is one of the most fun and enjoyable cooking classes in Ho Chi Minh City, offering Vietnamese dishes. Joining the class, you will learn Vietnamese cooking tradition and learn secret of Vietnamese delicacies. From shopping around at a local market for fresh products to learning to make authentic Vietnamese dishes, you will learn thorough lessons about Vietnamese culture with experienced local chef. And when everything is ready, you  will taste the dishes you have prepared during a relaxing dinner with everyone in the class. There are two options for you to choose: a half day tour with local market visit or if  you don’t have much time in Ho Chi Minh City, you can go for shorter option, , skipping the market visit to go straight to 3-hour cooking class. The cooking class can be adapted to  various dietary needs including vegetarian options.

Small class sizes, a thorough market tour, as well as kind and knowledgeable staff attract plenty of participants everyday. Prices start at $30 USD for a half-day class. You can book Mom Cooking class online here.


Ho Chi Minh City Cooking Class by Hoa Tuc

Enjoy a unique, one-of-a-kind experience during your visit to Vietnam by joining the fun and exciting Saigon Cooking Class in Ho Chi Minh. Headed by the Hoa Tuc Restaurant, famous in the city for their traditional recipes that feature contemporary twists, both novices and professionals alike will learn something new about Vietnamese cuisine! Housed in the same building as the excellent Hoa Tuc restaurant, this class prides itself on amazing recipes used in Hoa Tuc dishes.

Get your own cooking station inside the cooking studio, and watch as the professional chef demonstrates, with great detail, all that you need to do to prepare every dish. All you have to do is follow suit for the rest of the class, and you’ll be preparing delicious Vietnamese cuisine in no time. You’ll be using only fresh ingredients that are locally-sourced, without any artificial flavorings, to cook a variety of authentic dishes such as Bánh Xèo (Vietnamese Crepes,) Cuốn Diếp (Mustard Leaves with Vegetables and Prawns,) as well as a decadent dessert that varies from day-to-day!

Don’t be too shy if you have any questions that pop up in your head, as the staff are fluent English speakers and can answer you with no difficulty. Once class is over, you’ll get to bring home a cute souvenir to remember it by, as well as a copy of the recipes so you can recreate these dishes back home!

If you wish to see more of Vietnam, you can also join the Ben Thanh Market Tour for an additional cost, where you’ll get to observe the locals as you shop for your own ingredients.

Chefs can easily accommodate any vegetarians as long as you request in advance. Classes here start at $39.50 USD. Book it here

We enjoyed this. We went to the market and they explained the foods we were going to use in the dishes. The class was easy to follow and the dishes were good. It was a fun experience! I asked for seafood and they incorporated prawns into 2 dishes. I was so happy! Thank you!

The Vietnamese Cooking Class

Make the most out of your Vietnam experience with a spontaneous cooking session at The Vietnamese Cooking Class! Learn the food basics as well as its cultural significance to Vietnam’s identity as a nation. You will be guided through a detailed, step-by-step procedures by a professional yet friendly English-speaking staff in the kitchen. Channel your inner local for a day as you take a stroll along the aisles of Ben Thanh Market as you shop for freshest ingredients you’ll be cooking up in class. Aside from its unique, delectable taste, it’s no secret that vibrant and warm colors are a paramount of importance in Vietnamese cuisine, so make sure you follow through with your instructor! Be greeted with your fellow classmates and don’t hesitate to make friends along the way – the culinary center can only accommodate up to 8 students per class. End the day with a celebration as you get to try your dishes. Receive a special token of remembrance after class, as well as a copy of the recipes so you can take a piece of Vietnam with you wherever you go. Book The Vietnamese Cooking Class here

Chef Vu Cooking Class with Cyclo Experience in Saigon

Take an exciting cyclo ride that will bring you to Ben Thanh Market where you will buy fresh ingredients and learn how to haggle the best deals with the local vendors. Observe your experienced and professional chef on how he or she prepares popular Vietnamese dishes like green melon soup with shrimps and beef noodles. Bring out the chef in you as you carefully cook all the ingredients and come up with a delectable and filling local dish that you will have for lunch. This package is ideal for group and family travelers who are looking for a quick side trip from the crowded and bustling tourist spots in Ho Chi Minh City. Book Chef Vu Cooking Class here

The HCM Cooking Class

The HCM Cooking Class is a unique and healthy cooking class. Not only will we teach you how to cook, but you will learn how to use food as medicine and discover Vietnamese food culture. Vietnamese food is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Our class is held in the most beautiful agricultural village where you will see our Vietnamese medicine garden with many different kinds of herbs, spices and vegetables.


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