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Hoi An Memories Show review: Is it worth seeing?

Located on a poetic island at the mouth of Thu Bon River, in the area of two wards of Cam Chau, Cam Nam, Hoi An (Quang Nam province),  Hoi An Memories Show – Hoi An Theme park is becoming a new and attractive destination for tourists in the journey to discover the memories of Hoi An as a prosperous trading port over 400 years. The colorful and musically dazzling night show, with a cast of nearly 500 actors and actresses will not let you down once in Hoi An. 

Is Hoi An Memories Show worth seeing?

Story from sand village

Proud to be an art product featuring Vietnamese culture, a pure Vietnamese story, told by Vietnamese people, “Hoi An Memories Show” is a unique artistic art program located within a cultural theme Park Hoi An.

“Hoi An memory” is considered as a big boat that takes audiences through 400 years of history of the land south of Hai Van Pass, from a coastal fishing village to a bustling commercial port of Hoi An. Visitors come here to witness the ups and downs throughout history, where cultures interfaced, an important connection point of the legendary European – Asian trade road.

Throughout this reality show is the image and sound of a woman weaving a loom. The loom is not only a typical image of Hoi An culture, the trading port area is bustling, but it also weaves the stories of the land and people here and through the endless running time.

The typical Vietnamese stories and stories are summarized through 5 performances:

The first stage is the first opening of the realm, building the village, establishing the hamlet, where people gather and multiply.

The second stage is the wedding of Huyen Tran Princess and the King of Champa, recreates the solemn, jubilant and happy marriage in the past. It is an impressive performance set against a backdrop of Champa temples, towers, and dances. 

The third is the love story of the faithful Quang wife, waiting for her husband, who is fishing far away. At night, she lit a lantern shining brightly on a bank of Hoai River, sending her earnest prayers. The light that the wife lit by the Hoai River is a sign to the husband to overcome thousands of evil waves, returning safe and sound. The scene praised the beautiful love story of the Hoi An women and many Vietnamese women in general.

The fourth is a busy, bright and colorful stage showcasing Hoi An portland in the 17th century. We will meet the English, the French, the Dutch, the Spanish, the Middle East … and many residents from all over the world, all gathered on this riverbank, turning the village into a bustling trading port. It is seen as the most prosperous time of Hoi An. 

The performance closed with images of peace, kindness and gentle beauty – Young women in long white dresses, leisurely cycling on the light route of time threads.

Hoi An Memories Show has set records as the country’s largest-ever outdoor visual arts performance and the daily show with the most actors ever. The show is a key component of the Hoi An Impression Theme Park that will open in the second quarter of this year. The 10-hectare theme park in Hoi An includes indoor and outdoor theatres, shopping and entertainment complexes, and 200 hotel rooms.

Hoi An Memories Show Reviews

Hoi an Memories Show Reviews

Hoi An Memories Show Reviews 2

Hoi An Memories Show Ticket Price

The Hoi An Impression Theme Park will be open for free from 19 May-31 Dec 2019. For Hoi An Memories Show, you can book online here with a discount from 920 000 VND to 600 000 VND

A free roundtrip shuttle bus to Hoi An Impression Theme Park is available. 

Note: Hoi An Memories Showtime is from Monday to Sundays, except Tuesday. The show will start from 7:30pm -8:45pm. 

Once you got there, you can only present either a printed or a mobile voucher to the ticket booth to redeem your ticket.

How to get to Hoi An Impression Theme Park

The Hoi An Impression Theme Park is located in the area of Cam Nam on an island on the Thu Bon River and is very close to the Old Town. The easiest way to get to the park is to follow Hoang Dieu road straight through the Old Town and across the bridge on to Cam Nam island



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