Da lat - Datanla Waterfall - Da Lat Canyoning
Da lat,  Vietnam

Canyoning in Da Lat Review: What to expect and how to book a tour?

Canyoning is one of the best experiences in Da Lat for any adventure seekers. The modern sport activity allows players to discover the wonders and mysteries of nature of Dalat in its purest form.

Canyoning in Dalat Reviews

Taking place in Datanla Waterfall – the stunning waterfall which has seven layers with different scenery. As you go deeper to explore the 

The waterfall is relatively stable all year round, flowing gently down the rugged rocky terrace about 20 meters, the Datanla Waterfall is the ideal destination for adventure games such as Canyoning. 

No prior experience is necessary to try canyoning in Da Lat, however, that doesn’t mean you won’t be tested. The beautiful Datanla waterfalls offer a diverse set of challenges for every skill level.  You will experience a variety of obstacles such as abseiling the steep rock faces, zipping, trekking, sliding down waterfalls and cliff jumping. The challenge is very arduous but full of excitement. You will also have a chance to push yourself in a stunning natural setting. 

Throughout the journey, you will be accompanied by professional guides.

At first, the guide will brief you about the safety regulations and then help you gear up with harnesses and helmets. The journey begins with abseiling down an 18m vertical cliff and then sliding down the stream and reaching the bottom pools.

Canyoning Dalat - Sliding

You will continue to walk along the river to reach the next obstacle. On this new obstacle, you will abseil down the 25m waterfall. It is a thrilling experience as you abseil down a huge waterfall with the water cascading down next to you. Once you reach nearly about 3m from the stream, you detach yourself and then jump down to the stream. 

Da lat - Datanla Waterfall - Da Lat Canyoning

After a short break, you will then up to the next challenge which is cliff jumping.

The 11m jump and 7m jump afterward require a lot of courage but it will be so rewarding. 

The last abseil challenge of the day would be a 16m abseil.

Apart from defeating adrenaline-inducing challenges, you’ll get to soak in the landscape by floating down gentle streams, and trekking undulating hills under a canopy of trees and vines. Along the way, you’ll be treated to constantly changing scenery, with the sounds of gurgling water and rustling trees all around.

Canyoning Da Lat - Swimming

Throughout the day one of your guides will take pictures, so you’ll have photographic evidence of your crazy day against a magical backdrop. 

It was definitely an amazing, adrenaline-filled experience which we highly recommend to people heading to Dalat.

Who should be not for Canyoning?

Visitors with a history of heart disease, blood pressure and a number of other diseases that have been recommended by their physicians must not engage in adventure travel activities. Visitors must also sign a commitment to ensure their health and age are consistent with the registered adventure travel program, and they are solely responsible for any accidents or incidents related to the supply of Giving wrong information about age, personal health condition or not following instructions of the tour guide.

How to book Da Lat Canyoning Tour?

Da Lat Canyoning Tour is offered on Klook at US$ 70.09.  The tour are carefully set up and regulated to follow international best practices. All guides are certified under Singapore National Abseiling Standards for this kind of extreme sport, and groups are kept to small sizes, with plenty of supervision for each member. Before each obstacle, your guide will perform a safety check to ensure your equipment is properly fitted and give you clear instructions on how to maneuver. Your guides will teach you everything you need to enjoy the adventure and will stand by to swiftly take control in case you need help.

  • Go on an epic canyoneering adventure at the beautiful Datanla Waterfalls
  • Learn the basics of knot tying, harness wearing, rope handling, and other handy techniques from your guide
  • Discover the popular falls as you go through different activities like rappelling, ziplining, water sliding, and more!
  • Immerse yourself in natural wildlife in the gorgeous central highland area

You can book the tour here

Review for: Datanla Canyoning Tour

I was so glad I booked this activity, simply amazing. Yes, it is hard work and it tests your abilities but what you come away with is a feeling that you have achieved something. I am 50 so no spring chicken but the guys really look after you. A very professional outfit, with good humour, friendly banter and make you feel at ease. Lots of discussion of what is happening next, make sure you listen to your instructor and trust them. The surrounding area is beautiful, the water is not cold, you will be in it a lot. There was only me and my husband in the day so it was great. Yes the hike back is a little tough but the take time to guide you back up, give you water and talk. It’s not that bad. Nice lunch on our return. Loved it! My highlight in Da Lat!


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