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Da Lat Zoodoo Review: What to expect & How to get there?

About 40km from Da Lat center, Da Lat Zoodoo is a favorite place for families because of its airy atmosphere and dreamlike landscape, where you can teach your kids to love nature and wildlife.  It is not only an Australian-style zoo, but it also develops a model of pine hill camping as well as an attractive coffee and dining service.

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Dalat Zoodoo - the great place for chidren

Da Lat Zoodoo Operation Hour

In order to ensure the safety and comfort for the animal, there is a fix visiting time frame that allows visitors to come to Da Lat Zoodoo which are 9 am – 10 am – 11am – 13h – 14h – 15h – 16h, giving priority to customers who have booked tickets in advance.

In my recommendation, you should book tickets at least 1 day in advance. 

The ticket price:

  • 100,000 VND ~ $4.2 / adult
  • 50,000 VND ~ $2.1/ child under 1.2m and free for children under 90cm.

You can book the ticket online here with round trip transfer from Da Lat Centre with only from $3.39 and enjoy the discount up to 30%

Da Lat ZooDoo ticket price

The road to Zoodoo is very nice and airy. The feeling of relaxation when going away from the bustling city so the distance of more than 30km is no longer an obstacle. Zoodoo’s main house is surrounded by pine forests. Because of its location on the hillside, there is a position overlooking the green valley below.

Coming to Zoodoo in Dalat, you and especially your children will see a lot of new things, seeing with your own eyes and interacting with the animals such as the kangaroo, monkey, Pony dwarf horses, the Alpaca sheep, parrots, rabbits, llamas and many more creatures that you don’t see every day. All animals are trained to be friendly with people and they can eat the food off your hand.

Don’t be worried about the wild animals that will affect your children because Da Lat Zoodoo has a high standard for creating a children-friendly area. The zoo is a member of the World Zoodoo Association – a wildlife protection organization of the world, having a rigorous operation process that is applied for any nation, organization or individual who wants to join the “Zoodoo home”. Zoodoo’s consistent goal is towards children and a friendly environment. In “the Zoodoo home”, children are cared for and protected in all aspects: space, walking area, seats, and animals which must be trained to be friendly to children.

Another special thing is that the Zoodoo animals are virus-free and they are transferred to Dalat Zoodoo under the direction of the World Zoodoo organization. Consequently, the animals here are very friendly to people and they are tied with positioning chips for the management of the World Zoodoo Organization. Even the set of tables and chairs in this area must also be designed and constructed in accordance with the form prescribed by the Zoodoo Organization from the form, material, size and quantity.

Da Lat Zoodoo for animals

In Zoodoo, there are strict rules set for visitors such as not making noise, teasing, chasing to keep the animals here friendly and fearless of people. At the same time, this zoo only serves a fixed number of visitors, following fixed tours (accompanied by a zookeeper) so that the animals can rest and avoid panic due to overcrowding.

Besides, Zoodoo develops a model of camping on the pine hills as well as coffee and eating services.

Zoodoo Camping

The hilly space here is quite wide, so this is also a place for visitors to camp with friends. When camping here, tent, full kitchens are also available here at a reasonable price. For food, you can prepare or buy at the zoo. The owner here is easy-going, fun, so you can feel free to ask for help if you need it. What is better than just visiting the zoo and enjoying the fresh air in the mountains of Da Lat?

Zoodoo Cafe

At Zoodoo, you also enjoy more than 30 delicious drinks with different prices ranging from VND 15,000 to VND 35,000. Or enjoy lunch right away with dishes such as fried noodles, stir-fried pasta or some Western dishes such as bacon with bread, German sausage … Don’t miss the interesting experience when visiting Zoodoo in Dalat. 



How to go to ZooDoo Da Lat?

Address: ZooDoo Zoo is located in Da Nhim commune, Lac Duong district on 27C National High Way in the direction of going to Nha Trang city.

Address: ĐT723, Xã Đạ Nhim, Lạc Dương, Lâm Đồng

Opening hours: 9am – 4pm

Contact: 099 711 11 99

Directions: ZooDoo Zoo is 32 km from Da Lat city center and takes about 50 minutes for driving. You can rent a car, a motorbike or take a taxi. From Da Lat center lake (Xuan Huong Lake), you get in Ho Tung Mau Street and then Tran Hung Dao Street. Keep going on Hung Vuong Street (20 National Way) and Tu Phuoc Street (20 National Way). Turn left to Huynh Tan Phat Street and 27C National Way. Going along 27C National Way about 20 km more until you see ZooDoo Zoo located on your right-hand side.

You can book the ticket online here with round-trip transfer from Da Lat Centre with only from $3.39 and enjoy the discount up to 30%

Recommended Dalat Zoodoo Tour

The 8-hour tour with the highlights includes Dalat Zoodoo and the other attractions in Dalat such as: Giant Pumpkin Garde, Van Thanh Flower Village, Hydrangea Flower Field , The Puppy Farm, Strawberry Farm.

You and your family can also have a chance to listen to fascinating stories about Da Lat history and culture from the English-speaking guide and enjoy the first “Art Gallery and Entertainment Application Center” in Vietnam, Lumiere to end the day. The tour also includes a convenient and comfortable transfer service from your hotel.

You can book the Dalat Zoodoo  Day Tour here and enjoy the discount of up to 20%

Van Thanh Village in Dalat with Pumpkin Garden - Da Lat Zoodoo Tour

Van Thanh Garden Village Dalat



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