Asia Park (Danang): Important notes before you go (2023)

Asia Park Danang is also known as Sun Wheel. This is the largest tourist destination in Da Nang city with a diverse entertainment complex.

In this article, I will share my experience of going to Asia Park in Da Nang with all the tips to make your visit worthwhile. 

Asia Park Sun wheel 2020


Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday: Open 15:00 – 22:00
  • Saturday & Sunday: Open 9am – 10pm

Asia Park Ticket Price

Ticket Fee applied on weekdays:

  • For adults: 150,000 VND (Danang people reduced to 100k)
  • For children (from 1m – 1m4 high) : 100,000 VND 
  • Free for children under 1m

You can buy tickets to Asia park online for only 122k / person without waiting in a long queue

Note: The above ticket price is only for Sun Wheel, Monorail sightseeing, outdoor games.

Tickets to play games at the FEC amusement park – Asia Park

  • Soft-play ticket: VND 50,000 / time
  • Sun blaster ticket: VND 50,000 / time

Asia Park is divided into 3 different zones and in each zone, there are many interesting games to choose from.

Why you should choose Asia Park?

As a matter of fact, there are many theme parks in and around Danang such as Vinpearl Land Hoi An, Bana Hills, but Asia Park still attracts thousands of visitors because of its prime location. Located in right in the city center, Asia Park is reachable within a few minutes from the Han River. There are many engaging activities for people of all ages, especially for those who travel with kids. Besides, admiring the beach city in the Sunwheel at the sunset is a phenomenal experience. 

Things to do in Asia Park

1. Catch the sunset on Ferris Wheel

The Huge Ferris Wheel will catch your attention when you going to Danang. During the day, the wheel looks rather sad with large, concrete building surrounding it from all sides. However, it changes beautifully when the sun sets, illuminated by lights, adding even more color to the skyline of this charming city. The Sun Wheel is nestled right at the entrance to the Asia Park. 

From the 115 meter high on the Wheel, you will see the panoramic view of Danang city in the shimmering lights with bridges and modern buildings that lined the Han River look amazing from the ground. 

asia park

2. Sky Treasure

This is the most nerve-wracking game in the park that attracts many youngsters to play. You will sit with a large group of people (about 20 people)  and run up and down on the winding track at a speed of 80km / h. The feeling will change continuously when you join and most people are very excited when playing this game. 

Sky Treasure - Asia Park

3. Love Look

This is a very physical and very dizzy game. When playing you will sit in and spin the circle at a very fast speed. Choose a person with good physical strength to hold you steady when the rotation goes into the fastest trajectory.

4. Queen Cobra

One of the top thrilling adventure games in the world is now present in Da Nang Asia Park. This game is only suitable for adults who have the courage to participate. 

This game lasts 96 seconds and 689 meters long when moving fast at a speed of 80km/h on a twisting railway with a height of 34m. 

This game will boost your adrenaline to the next level when you reach the peak. 

5. Golden Sky Tower

This is an altitude challenge game and free fall. When you sit in the tower, it will take you up to the sky level very slowly. You will hear a piece of peaceful melodious music while watching the whole park. But when you are immersed in the scenery, it will suddenly fall at tremendous speed. You will feel like you are falling free in the sky, but when you are close to the ground, you will be stopped. This is one of the most exciting games in Asia Park. 

Important NOTES when going to Asia Park

  • You should go to Asia Park between 16 – 17h when the park is nicely lit.
  • There are a lot of thrilling games so be aware of your health status and choose the proper games. 
  • When entering Asia Park, they will get your hand stamped, do not delete it. They will check the stamp when you play games.  Otherwise, you will need to pay for any game you play. 


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